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Michela Aiello, eclectic puppeteer, ranges from object theater to shadow theater, passing through hybrid puppet and butoh dance, never forgetting her first love, the string puppet. In her shows she uses with ironic audacity a baroque and decadent aesthetic and a gothic-kitsch ready made giving life to a grotesque dark red colored Cabaret.

After graduating in Performing Arts in Rome, she takes part to various theater works as an actress, performer and director, finally focusing always more in a theater without words and its fusion with puppets and dance.   She first meets puppets in Barcelona, in Pepe Otal's workshop, and takes parts with her shows to various festivals IN and OFF between France and Italy, Belgium and Spain, and travelling from Mexico to Korea.

She gains a research residency in ESNAM (École Nationale Supérieure des Arts de la Marionnette) of Charleville-Meziers and goes on developing her knowledge about puppet theatre taking part in different workshops of “Projecto Funicular”, an International Training Project on Puppetry : “Behind the screen: introduction to shadow and to the shadow theatre” directed by Fabrizio Montecchi, (Lisboa, 2012),“The Body and the Object”, directed by Agnes Limbos and Nicole Mossoux (cie Mossoux-Bontè) in 2013,  “Apparition: Creation of a Life-Sized Puppet”, directed by Natacha Belova, in 2016, “From Prop to Protagonist” , an object theatre workshop with Rene Baker, and “The Actor and the Double Presence in Puppet Theatre” coordinated by Yngvild Aspeli, in july 2017. ​ Since 2015 she has been collaborating with the English visual artist and singer Jennifer Moule on the project Bambole Nude. ​ In June 2016 she joins the Barca dei Matti collective, coordinated by Natacha Belova, realizing the show "Passeggeri" (2017). ​ Since 2018 she collaborates as a performer and puppeteer with the company "Fabiana Iacozzilli/CrAnPi" for the show La Classe_ un docupuppets per marionette e uomini.

Interview in Spanish realized in Pepe Otal's workshop in Barcelona for the visual project "Don't think small", by Joan Vendrell (2013)

Interview in Spanish realized in Pepe Otal's workshop in Barcelona forthe visual project "Don't think small", by Joan Vendrell

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